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Annual Holiday Drive

Join us for coffee & Pastries at our
Annual Holiday Charity Drive

December 8th | 9-11 AM 

We're looking for donations of men, women, & children's clothing, shoes, children's sporting goods, school supplies, books, and more.

Make Your Donations in Person @ Our Office 
7373 E Doubletree Ranch Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Come out and support two incredible local charities

Southwest Human Development

Southwest Human Development

The first five years of life are the most critical in a child’s development. At Southwest Human Development, our services improve lives and help families by supporting young children and their caregivers during this important time.

In partnership with families, we provide children with the care, attention, and support needed to set them on a path to success in school and life and help them reach their fullest capabilities.

We are Arizona’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to early childhood development and our 900 staff members provide 40 programs and services to 140,000 children, families, and professionals each year in the areas of:

Child Development and Mental Health
Easterseals Disabilities Services
Early Literacy
Head Start and Early Head Start
Family Support and Child Welfare
Professional Development and Training

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Jose's closet

Jose's closet


There are 15,000-20,000 children/youth in foster care in Arizona every year.  We support the families that support these vulnerable young people.  Foster children may arrive at a new home with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  This can be traumatic to the children and presents a challenge to foster families, who need to quickly acquire the items these children and youth need.

We provide items needed to make a foster child feel welcome in their new home: clothes, shoes, toys & games, books, baby equipment, strollers, and more.  

We provide support to the entire family, not just the child in foster care.  We feel the best way to support the children who need our help is by supporting the needs of the whole family.

At-risk children may be in the foster care system, placed with relatives (kinship care), or adopted (frequently by their foster families).  Jose's Closet is available to all foster, kinship, & adoptive families who care for these special children.

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