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Insurance Planning

Prepare for Life's Uncertainties

Life is full of uncertainties, but that doesn’t mean you can prepare for them. While you can’t insure yourself against all potential risks, protecting yourself from the ones you can prevents financial devastation if the unthinkable becomes a reality. Insurance safeguards your wealth and alleviates the financial burdens for you and your loved ones.

What You Need To Know About Insurance Planning

You may not give insurance much thought beyond the unfortunate necessity of having it for your health, home and car. If you are like most, insurance is something you might wish you didn’t need to pay for. However, insurance transfers the risk of costly events to the insurance company, reducing your exposure and preserving your resources. Not everyone’s risks are equal. Insurance planning helps you determine what kind of coverage you need.

How Carlon Wealth Advisors Help You

We work with you to assess and understand your risks. We consider factors such as your age, health, family status and history, lifestyle, financial health and professional status. Using this information, we walk you through coverage options, which could include:

  • Term, whole or variable life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Health insurance

We’ll help you decide how much coverage you need and policy terms, such as deductibles and exclusions. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, we work with you to get the protections you need at reasonable prices. Contact us today to find out more about our insurance services.

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